Professional body corporate painting Melbourne

APMG Painting prides itself on making properties look great. With 30+ years of experience, we can successfully completely paint jobs of all shapes and sizes, from humble homes to large commercial projects. We’re the professionals in body corporate painting Melbourne trusts because we deliver excellent service, hallmarked by flexible scheduling, expert equipment and a high-quality result. If you want to change the look of your building, we can help out with colour consultations to get it shining in a brand new light. So if you’re looking to brighten up your property, inside and out, get in touch with the number one in body corporate painting today – APMG Painting.

Melbourne body corporate painting specialists

Body corporate painting is a process that needs to be handled professionally and carefully. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we’re more than equipped to take the right considerations into play prior to refurbishing a property. Through a careful, informed and quick approach, we’ve become the expert in body corporate painting Melbourne can call for any project, be it units, apartments or larger projects within that sphere. We take the time to meet with the body corporate representative onsite, so that we can individually tailor our work the project specific needs and budget. We’ll manage the desires of the committees and owners next to that of the tenants while we work on refreshing the look of your property.

A comprehensive approach to painting

While working on painting your property, we’ll take every step to make sure we minimise any inconvenience to you or your tenants. In providing our services in professional body corporate painting Melbourne wide, we make it a priority to take extra precaution to provide a service that’s quick, effective and non-intrusive. We ask that you communicate with us where you’d prefer to paint first so that we can create a plan that provides the least disturbance to your tenants, moving any common area furniture, debris and other hurdles before and after the job commences. We’ll use drop cloths to prevent any paint from spilling onto carpets or upholstery, so once the paint dries, everything will look better than how we left it.

Getting in touch with APMG Painting

If you’re ready to start your next big painting project, get in touch with our friendly team here at APMG today. Start things off by discussing the nature of your property and what kind of colours or paints you’re thinking of working with. You might want to invest in weather-protective coats for lasting durability or certain colours or trims to accentuate parts of your soon-to-be-painted environment. We’ll offer insights, ideas, suggestions and results based on a two-way conversation between you and us. Get started with APMG Painting today. Contact us via phone on 1300 97 97 40 or online here and let our results in body corporate painting speak for themselves.

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