Rethinking white ceilings

Have you looked up lately? Even though the ceiling is a major feature of any room, we tend to neglect its appearance. We also tend to paint it white, which is a safe colour choice. But does that mean it’s the perfect colour? Not necessarily. There are many reasons to consider painting your ceiling something other than white next time it needs a coat of paint…

1. To create a cosy space

We know that white gives the illusion of height, while darker shades shorten a space. But that’s not always a bad thing. If you want a cosier feel, using a slightly darker shade than the paint on the walls can make the ceiling feel lower and create a more intimate space. It’s a great idea for a bedroom or bathroom where you want to relax and linger. A ceiling painted in a darker hue can perfectly frame the room, adding intimacy and depth.

2. To set the mood

The right hue on your ceiling can set a subtle mood for the entire room, adding character, charm and sparking intrigue. Consider mood-boosting colours such as yellows, pinks, or even lavender. Remember to test light sources on potential shades before you begin painting. Some light will cast a warm glow, while others can change the appearance of the ceiling colour entirely.

3. To complement the walls

Painting your ceiling the same colour as the rest of the room creates a rich and full atmosphere that feels complete. It has the effect of tying the entire room together, adding a sense of completion, and creating undisrupted flow.

4. To bring the outdoors in

Have you ever entered a room with a pale blue ceiling and felt light, restful and free? That’s because a pale blue creates the wonderfully calming illusion of a cloudless sky on a warm day. This idea works especially well in bedrooms and living rooms, or even in the kitchen.

5. To make a statement

Dark coloured ceilings can accent beautiful crown moulding and other decorative details more than a light paint colour can. Or, why not skip the paint altogether and use wood panelling for the ceiling instead? A textured ceiling draws the eye upwards and instantly livens up a neutral space. Best of all, you have the choice of any grain, stain, pattern, or texture to make a stylish statement.

Ceilings don’t have to be boring. Colour on the ceiling can enhance the character of a room but do beware of excess. To ensure you get it right, speak to the professional at APMG Painting Melbourne.