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Are you a homeowner wanting to revamp a property? APMG Painting can provide your home with a fresh feel, both inside and outside. We handle every task from the colour consultation, through to surface preparation, painting, minor carpentry, and, of course, the cleanup. If you want to brighten up a bedroom, retouch a particular section that is looking tired and dull, or improve the appearance of the exterior, our experienced APMG House painters Melbourne are ready to tackle any project. Deliver an impressive change to your home with our domestic painting Melbourne.

A professional finish, every time

Professional painting can be the difference between a house you like, and a home you love. APMG Painting provide high-quality residential painting and decorating services. After more than 30 years in the industry, you can confidently request any interior or exterior painting and decorating project from our professional painting Melbourne team. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations by upholding our high standards of excellence.

House Painters Melbourne

Colour consulting services

Selecting the right paint colour scheme is the perfect way to add elegance and individuality to your home while ensuring that it suits your particular personality and lifestyle. Many homeowners find the large variety of colours and combinations available to be overwhelming, but there’s no need to abandon your dreams; we’re here to help! We have many years of experience in matching incredible colours with flooring and furnishings, with the know-how to seamlessly combine the latest trends in colour schemes with your existing lighting and ambience.

More than painting

If your home is in need of wood rot repairs, our specialist team has the solution. Untreated wood rot can lead to bad leakages and unsightly structural damage, ruining the appearance of your home as well as compromising its strength. Here at APMG Painting Melbourne, we don’t just paint over wood rot. We tackle the problem head-on to save you money, time and future problems. As an all-in-one painting, decorating and wood rot repair service, our team complete all work on-site, meaning you only need to call one company to take care of all your needs.

Haymes Products

Expressions Ultra Premium Interior

Expressions Ultra Premium Interior


Expressions Interior

Haymes Expressions is an ultra-premium interior coating that delivers impressive long-lasting protection. The Low VOC, 100% acrylic Expressions…

Interior Expressions Ceiling White

Interior Expressions Ceiling White


Interior Expressions Ceiling

Haymes Interior Expressions Ceiling White is a superbly crafted water based coating for Interior Ceilings. The super flat finish provides minimal light…

Ultratrim Enamel

Ultratrim Enamel


Ultratrim Enamel

If you’re a stickler for perfection, this is the trim product for you. Its self-levelling formula produces the smoothest results that are durable in…

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